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Dora the Explorer's Paint - Games for Little Kids Gameplay - First Look HD

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► Play Dora the Explorer's free paint game HD Online Here:

Dora the Explorer's free paint game HD - Games for Little Kids
one coloring page and a mouse are all kids need to play artiste. Use the mouse to dip into a color, then click on the place in the picture you'd like it to appear. Print each picture when you're done so you can show off your creations.

Parent Tip: Coloring this way is a great do-together. One person chooses a color. The other adds it to the page.

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Check out how Dora & Diego hang out with the cute Monkey Boots looking for Dora´s Backpack that the Swiper took away! I hope they don't have to go trough that old bridge because probably the "Grumpy Old Troll" will make the solve a riddle to go trough the bridge.

The good thing is that the episodes always ends with Dora successfully reaching the spot she want to go to, singing the "We Did It!" song with Boots in triumph.

Characters are:

Dora the Explorer, Boots, Backpack, Swiper, Map, Isa the Iguana
Tico the Squirrel, Benny The Bull, Big Red Chicken, Explorer Stars

I love Dora the Explorer cartoon that is an original series by Nickelodeon

Doras title in other languages is:

Chinese: 愛探險的朵拉
Cantonese Yale: Oi taam hím dīk Dó Lā
Swedish: Dora- utforskaren
French: Dora l'exploratrice
Greek: Ντόρα η μικρή εξερευνήτρια
Hebrew: מגלים עם דורה
Italian: Dora l'esploratrice
Japanese: ドーラといっしょに大冒険
Macedonian: Дора истражува
Polish: Dora poznaje świat
Portuguese: Dora a Exploradora
Russian: Dasha-sledopyt
Serbian: Dora istražuje
Spanish: Dora la Exploradora
Swedish: Dora- utforskaren

Dora la Exploradora, Diego, botas, mochila, zorro, mapa, Isa la Iguana, Tico la ardilla, Benny el toro, Gran Pollo Rojo, Explorador de estrellas

Chino: 爱 探险 的 朵拉
Yale Cantonés: Oi taam él Dik DO La
Sueco: Dora-utforskaren
Francés: Dora l'exploratrice
Griego: Ντόρα η μικρή εξερευνήτρια
Hebreo: מגלים עם דורה
Italiano: Dora l'esploratrice
Japonés: ドーラ と いっしょ に 大 冒険
Macedonio: Дора истражува
Polaco: Dora poznaje świat
Portugués: Dora Exploradora un
Ruso: Dasha-sledopyt
Serbio: Dora istražuje
Español: Dora la Exploradora

Dora the Explorer's free paint game HD #Dora #Game #Online #Kids #Nickelodeon #Funny #Episodes

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